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Read the stories of those who have bought, renovated, and lived in traditional Japanese houses in different parts of Japan. Also, here is where you can learn about the different types of Kominka or Machiya houses, as well as the history and culture in different towns and villages throughout Japan.

Kominka Houses

Traditional Japanese Countryside Houses

Although Kominka (Minka) can mean old houses in general, they are also known as the stand-alone large residential houses for merchants or farmers in the rural areas of Japan. The houses in Shirakawa-go and Gokayama village with angled thatched roofs are also categorized under Kominka houses.

Machiya Houses

Traditional Japanese Townhouses

Machiya are traditional townhouses that can be found in the old post towns or port towns of Japan. They are usually long and narrow compare to the Kominka houses. Kyo-machiya in Kyoto is an iconic type of Machiya in Japan.

Akiya Houses

Abandoned or Vacant Old Houses

Akiya simply means abandoned or vacant old houses in rural areas of Japan. The type and condition of these houses varies drastically depending on each property. They can come at a surprisingly low cost but usually require many times more money to repair and maintain.

KORYOYA does not provide assistance in buying Akiya houses at the moment.

Why KORYOYA houses?

The traditional Japanese houses listed on KORYOYA for sale are all built before 1950 with the traditional construction method which is the result of more than a thousand years of past carpenters passing down their efforts and wisdoms.

As no new houses can be built with the traditional construction method under current law, the high craftsmanship is in danger of becoming a dying art.

Flow & Services

Updated Jan, 2023

The purchasing flow and the types of services you may need depends on factors such as where you live, your ability to communicate in Japanese, and your intended use of the property.

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